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Property Management

Nottingham Realty
& Rentals LLC

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(904) 514 1747
(904) 226 3082

Nottingham Realty
& Rentals LLC

Give Us A Call At:

(904) 514 1747
(904) 226 3082

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More Bang For Your Buck

Owners Managers

We advise on cost-effective improvements over time to increase rates and generate repeat guests for all of our managed homes. We think of our management as a partnership. Our goal is always to generate maximum revenues while maintaining our homes at the highest level. We also balance full revenue and occupancy with the value generated.

New Concepts - Proven Leadership

Leveraging 14 years of building Nottingham with fresh thinking and expanded offerings helps us evolve and grow with the changing expectations of customers on both sides of the rental process. We also continue to experiment with the use of technology to improve performance, maintenance, and value.

Annual Reinvestment

Budget significant investment in advertising to ensure maximum visibility of your properties. We invest in driving inquiries from a variety of partners and continue to expand our offering and relationships. We are leveraging local advertising and partnerships to ensure maximum exposure.

Special Event & Special Services Relationships

We are open to a variety of working relationships. Since our primary goal is to ensure personalized value creation for all owners we support long-term rentals, short-term rentals, TPC week short term, Tenant placement, and support marketing your property for sales/finding you additional rental properties.

Customized Concierge Services

Understanding many of our owner partners are remote we are now offering services to ensure you don’t spend significant time when you arrive “opening the house”. We want to understand any specific needs you have as an owner to ensure when you personally use property it is ready when you arrive.

What Set Us Apart?

Professional Cleaners & Maintenance Teams

  • We review and grade cleaning crews on an ongoing basis. You will have one crew that demonstrates proficiency assigned to your property.
  • Relationships with local Craftsmen (plumbers, HVAC, Electrical).
  • Long term relationship with Handyman to quickly resolve small custom issues.
  • Relationships with flooring, painting, and roofing contractors to support larger investments and repairs

Inspection Before & After Guest - Every Time

  • We inspect properties for excessive cleaning and maintenance
  • We will file all insurance claims – no matter how small – on your behalf for reimbursement
  • Monitor linens and small consumables

We Take Care of Your Property Like Our Own

  • We manage your vacation home like a 5 star resort- it is important that we keep our property owners and guests happy.
  • We are proactive, and our company always exceeds our owners and guests expectations.
  • We honor the capacity of our properties. We do not over-crowd our vacation homes and we have strict house rules regarding property use, noise levels, parking and number of guests allowed.
  • Guests understand what to expect before they arrive.

Flooring & Furniture Care

  • Carpet, upholstery and tile steam cleaning as needed.
  • Advice on timing for flooring upgrades and appropriate flooring for property location and target tenants
  • Ensure Pet Friendly homes do not have any additional damage from renters

Preventative Maintenance

  • We train our inspector to handle the tiny things, so they don’t turn into massive things
  • By using the insurance program and filing every claim immediately it eliminates property deterioration

Integrates Software & Website Systems

  • We can track 100% of the activity in your property–no more, “we don’t know how that happened”.
  • As an owner partner, you will have access to our reservation system to keep you updated on all reservations.
  • We are in this hospitality business together. Providing a wonderful vacation experience for our guests.

How Much Can My Property Make?