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Property Condition Report

Hooray!!! You’re here. We know you are excited and ready to unwind and relax, but please take a few moments to do a walk through inspection of your rental. Please make sure to check behind doors for holes and to check for stains on carpets. Please make sure to note any outside conditions as well.
Property condition Report must be returned to rental agent within 24 hours of arrival. If property condition report is not returned within 24 hours of check-in tenant will no longer be allowed to report any damage to property. Nottingham Realty & Rental’s LLC will also accept email notification within 24 hours of arrival. Nottingham Realty & Rentals, LLC. All property condition reports must be in writing, no exceptions.

You may submit the form
by text to 904-226-3082
by email to [email protected]
by fax to 904-342-5520

Please click on the link below to download a PDF version of the Property Condition Report.

Property Condition Report PDF

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